Colorarty 48 Watercolor Pencils Set – Professional Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring & Artists, Art 3.8mm Soft Vibrant Color Cores, Inc. Video Tutorial & Metal Accessories

Colorarty 48 professional adult watercolor pencils

Colorarty 48 professional adult watercolor pencils

  • RELAX AND SET YOUR CREATIVITY FREE ★ Colorarty’s Rosewood, aquarelle water color pencil set for adults & young artists, now allows you to easily color dry and wet with beautiful results (see product photos). With Soft leads for smooth coloring & 48 highly blendable & layerable vibrant colors. NON-TOXIC, safe for us and the environment. Perfect for releasing stress with adult coloring books, mandalas, drawing & sketching.
  • TOTAL FREEDOM & PROTECTION ★ Comes with a premium compact canvas roll up pencil bag, offering the maximum protection and organization for your art pencils and accessories, giving you the freedom to take & use them anywhere!
  • ADDITIONAL PREMIUM ACCESSORIES ★ High quality aluminum pencil sharpener & pencil holder extender (never waste a pencil again), eraser & two paint brushes.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT WITH DIGITAL TUTORIALS & RESOURCES ★ All Colorarty sets come with email support and exclusive access to a web based customer portal with getting started tips, an in-depth video tutorial (more to come), a print at home digital Mandalas eBook, color charts, an in-depth pencil care guide, competitions and more! See access instructions on product packaging and inside the product itself.
  • BEST VALUE SET ★ Unlike other sets on the market, these are professional quality watercolor pencils and just the accessories alone have at least a 20 dollar real value, then there’s the ever growing customer portal, tutorials, resources and Colorarty’s top level customer support. All this is included at no extra cost when you order your Colorarty water soluble colored pencils set today!

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Colorarty Canvas roll up bag & Accesories Colorarty Watercolor Pencil Set With Art The 3 ways to use the roll up bag Relax & Color anyware!
Watercolor Pencil Blending Technique with Paper Towel Dry vs wet coloring Unleash the artist within you! / Di-stress & have fun with coloring books! Color chart demonstrationg, watercolor mandalas, Sketching, cards etc


Looking for the best art colored pencils set for adults to unleash the artist within you? Consider your search over!

Colorarty’s 48 artist water color pencil set is perfect for coloring with your favorite adult mandala books, or for your totally unique artistic creations. They can be used as normal artist coloring pencils, or you can take your art work to the next level with the included paint brushes as you add even more vibrant color and layering to your coloring pages when applying a little water.

Here’s what you’ll get when you receive your set:

– Colorarty’s 48 artist grade 7 inch watercolor pencils with extra thick 3.8mm vibrant soft cores.
– A high quality canvas roll up bag to protect & organize your pencils giving you the freedom to color anywhere, in the park, countryside, on the train, wherever you get that creative urge.
– Two paint brushes to easily turn your creations into beautiful watercolor paintings.
– A quality metal pencil sharpener, no more cheap plastic sharpeners that break easily!
– A premium metal pencil extender, never again will you waste those annoying left over pencil ends!
– An eraser, nicely completing the perfect set.
– Access to our ever growing customer only portal for additional resources, video tutorials, competitions and more.

All neatly kept in one place in your canvas roll up bag.

Considering the steep prices of the highly marketed brands, Colorarty artist pencils are easily worth this special offer pricing on their own… but on top of this, with all these premium extras, you are receiving over 20 dollars of additional value at no extra cost!

Colorarty’s industry leading Guarantee:

With thousands of happy customers on amazon alone, we are so sure you’ll love our product that you can use it for a full 60 days and if you don’t feel it’s worth every penny, we’ll refund you! We’re that confident!

Offer Price, 35.97$, hurry price will go up shortly:

Click Here To Get Yours Now at!

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