The Customer Portal is the place where we share all our product getting started tips, video tutorials and Guides, color charts, customer art and competitions! The Portal is still very much in it’s infancy right now, but It’s a fun place for us to over time add move and move value for our customers and help them improve and have more fun with their art 🙂

This is a restricted customer only section of, if you have purchased / was given a Colorarty product, you will find access details on the product packaging and even more information on the leaflet included inside your product.

If for what ever reason both the packaging and the leaflet have been lost of discarded and you don’t know how to access the portal, don’t worry, Contact Us Here and we will get you set up 🙂

Happy coloring!

Jay Douglas & the Colorarty team

Colorarty Customer Portal Sneak Peek ;)

Colorarty Customer Portal Sneak Peek 😉